ZA6-1.2 reflector antenna array 10–60 GHz

Made according to the Cassegrain scheme. Recommended for receiving satellite and radio receiving communication lines, as well as for use as part of electronic countermeasures equipment;

Depending on the type of the feed installed, provides signal reception and transmission over parts of the frequency range from 10 to 60 GHz with various types of polarization: linear, double linear, circular of right and left rotation;

Rapid change in frequency range and polarization type is carried out by installing replaceable feed systems;

When replacing the feed system, it is not required to make additional adjustments to the subdish of the antenna array;

High-precision design of the reflector and applied design of the antenna array made it possible to achieve the value of the aperture efficiency not worse than that of all-metal precision reflector antenna arrays;

It may be equipped with a device for feed rotation to adjust the antenna polarization.

Recommended options

1) Removable feed systems:

– OS-1/L;

– OS-1/DL;

– OS-3/DL.

(page 33)

2) Broadband low-noise receiving converters, for use with feed systems:

– SK1S2640;

– SK1S4054;

– SK1S5466.

(page 6)

3) Low-noise receiving converters with a switchable operating frequency range, for use with OS-3 feed systems:

– SK2S1013;

– SK2S1316;

– SK2S1618;

– SK2S1820;

– SK2S2023;

– SK2S2326

– SK2S2629;

– SK2S2932;

– SK2S3234;

– SK2S3437;

– SK2S3740.

(page 7)

4) Coordinate devices:

– azel drives with manual or remote control.

(page 117)


Minimum frequency

10 GHz

Maximum frequency

60 GHz

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