SKCh4/100 panoramic real-time measuring receiver 900 MHz–40 GHz

SKCh4/100 panoramic real-time measuring receiver provides reception, frequency and time selection of radio signals and measurement of their parameters in real time;

The wide bandwidth of real-time analysis, possibility of coherent reception and high quality of the input preselectors make it possible to use the receiver not only for solving metrological problems, but also for problems of signal search, radio engineering analysis and monitoring in difficult electromagnetic environment. The product can be used in complexes for direction finding of electrical radio products sources;

Channel configuration and frequency range of the receiver are determined by the number and ranges of the installed receiving channels;

Frequency domain panoramic scanning;

Time domain scanning;

Detection and analysis of the structure of phase-shift keyed signals in an automated mode;

Function of scanning the stored frequencies in the memory;

Ability to emulate additional digital receivers;

Industrial design (19”, 4U);

Automation of the measurement process and generation of reports;

Integrated software for radio signal analysis and classification.


Minimum frequency

900 MHz

Maximum frequency

40 GHz