SK3S0918 wideband receiving converter 900–18,000 MHz

The broadband receiving converter is designed to transfer the spectrum of received UHF signals of the input frequency range of 900–18,000 MHz to the frequency range of the base radio receiver;

Small size and weight;

Complies with the requirements of GOST RV 20.39.304-98 group 1.3;

Has a built-in system for adjusting the output signal with a step of 1 dB;

RS-485 control interface.

Input frequency range

Output frequency range (at the level of -3 dB)

Noise ratio, max.

Maximum input power, min

Output power, min.

Frequency agility rate, max.

Frequency agility step

Propagation ratio, min.

Suppression of combination image receiving channels, min.

Blocking and intermodulation dynamic range, min.

Dynamic range at point P1, min.



Minimum frequency

900 MHz

Maximum frequency

18000 MHz