SK3RT (Avionics-2) Tunable multi-channel frequency converters

Tunable frequency converters provide reception, frequency selection, amplification and conversion of signals coming from the feeds of antenna arrays into intermediate frequency signals with power level sufficient for analysing the received signals and direction finding of their sources;

The tunable frequency converters produced by the company are built on the basis of highly efficient preselectors on miniature filters with a high Q-factor, which ensures high noise immunity and the ability to work in a difficult electromagnetic environment;

Complete compliance of GOST RV 5801-001-2008 products;

Wide intermediate frequency bandwidth;

Multichannel (up to 12 receiving channels) with a multi-channel radio receiving path, min. ± 1 dB;

Controlled attenuators at the input and output of the IF;

Stability of characteristics over time and under different environmental conditions according to the operating group;

Built-in diagnostics and calibration tools;

Equipped with input antenna modules containing protection devices and controlled attenuators in accordance with the specified requirements. The antenna modules have the same control system as the frequency converters.

JSC SCARD-Electronics supplies products of the series listed in the table, and also develops according to the technical specifications of the Customer.


Minimum frequency

0,1 GHz

Maximum frequency

40 GHz