Antenna splitter PAD00X 0,5-2000 MHz

The splitter is fully reversible: inputs can be outputs and vice versa.

The output impedance of the splitter is matched with the input impedances of the antenna inputs of the receiving devices.

The antenna splitter is made in a shielded case and has one coaxial UHF input and two coaxial UHF outputs with characteristic impedance of N type of 50 Ohm (socket).


N socket



Frequency range, MHz

Maximum input power 10 W, max.

UHF connector type

Losses: Input – Output 1, Input

– Output 2, dB, max.

— within the range of 0.5–200 MHz

— within the range of 1–1,000 MHz

Output VSWR, max.:

Input 1 and 2 VSWR, max.:

Isolation between Input 1 and Input 2, dB, min.: