Antenna switch KAD00X 0–26,000 MHz

The switch is fully reversible, and inputs can be outputs and vice versa. The output and input impedances of the switch are close to 50 Ohms and are matched with the input impedances of antenna inputs of the receiving devices;

The antenna switch is controlled by buttons from the switch panel or remotely, from a computer via a USB interface. The antenna switch is manufactured in a shielded non-tight case. Switching buttons are backlit;

Logic of the microprocessor part of the switch prevents the simultaneous activation of several antenna inputs within one channel using the backlighting of the buttons on the switch panel.

Coaxial UHF connectors are used as inputs and outputs of the switch with characteristic wave impedance of N type of 50 Ohm (socket).





Switch configuration

Frequency range, MHz

Operative attenuation of the active channel, dB, max.:

— within the range of 0–2,000 MHz;

— within the range of 2,000–3,000 MHz;

— within the range of 3,000–26,000 MHz.

Maximum input

power, W, max.

— within the range of 0–200 MHz;

— within the range of 200–3,000 MHz;

— within the range of 3,000–26,000 MHz.

Isolation between adjacent channels, dB, min.: *

Input VSWR, max.:

Output VSWR, max.:

UHF connector type

Number of antennas connected to one switch port

Number of independent ports

Switch power


External power supply unit 12 V

— with buttons

— remotely

using PC

via USB interface

* Depends on the type of relay used (as agreed by the Customer).