Product structure:

  • Antenna elements;
  • Elements of the antenna-feeder path;
  • Radome;
  • Chassis for installation of instrument modules.


The dual-band ring equidistant antenna array АSKM 2/6-0,4/6 is designed to receive signals of radio equipment with linear and circular polarization in the frequency range from 400 MHz to 6 GHz in the circular azimuthal viewing sector;

Is recommended for use as a direction finding receiving antenna of the search and searchless on space RE systems;

The antenna system is designed as two combined equidistant ring antenna arrays;

A 360° circular field of view is provided by six antenna elements in the frequency range of 0,4 to 1 GHz and six antenna elements in the frequency range of 1 to 6 GHz, through electronic beam switching;

The antenna elements are:
– in the range from 0,4 to 1 GHz – sine antenna, type AC8.210;

– In the range from 1 to 6 GHz – log-periodic antenna, type AC4.211;

The antenna system provides simultaneous spatial scanning in 2 or more independent channels;

The antennas are mounted at the angle of 45°;

The antenna system design allows installation of device modules of 3U format;

Upon customer request, the product can be equipped with multi-channel frequency converters SK6RT-0,1-6,0.


Frequency letter

Amplification factor

Directional pattern width on the level of -3 dB


0,4 – 1 GHz

-1 …. +3 dB

90 – 60°

0,4 – 1 GHz

+3 …. +7 dB

80 – 60°


Minimum frequency

0,9 GHz

Maximum frequency

40 GHz