AIK 1–40B/04 antenna measuring kit 26,500–40,000 MHz

AIK 1-40B is a unique set of metrologically coordinated measuring instruments and auxiliary devices, which makes it possible to provide all the necessary options for constructing a measuring path, from a measuring antenna to the input of a spectrum analyzer, measuring receiver or other receiving measuring device.



The kit is available in 11 modifications depending on the operating frequency range;

Each measuring instrument from the kit (antennas, LNA, transducers, cable assemblies) is provided with calibration graphs;

The kit is equipped with a large range of auxiliary devices for convenience and safety of use;

According to the operating conditions, the kits belong to group 6 in accordance with GOST 22261-94.


Kit modifications



Operating frequency range


AIK 1-40B/01

0.9 to 40,0 GHz


AIK 1-40B/02

8.2 to 40.0 GHz


AIK 1-40B/03

18.0 to 40.0 GHz


AIK 1-40B/04

26.5 to 40.0 GHz


AIK 1-40B/05

0.9 to 26.5 GHz


AIK 1-40B/06

8.2 to 26.5 GHz


AIK 1-40B/07

18.0 to 26.5 GHz


AIK 1-40B/08

0.9 to 18.0 GHz


AIK 1-40B/09

8.2 to 18.0 GHz


AIK 1-40B/10

0.9 to 12.4 GHz


AIK 1-40B/11

8.2 to 12.4 GHz



– P6-140-x – reconfigurable measuring horn antenna in the frequency range 8.2 ÷ 40.0 GHz (detailed information on page 70 of the catalogue).

Coaxial-to-waveguide transducers and waveguide transducers:

– BC2640 KF: waveguide transducer from WR-90 to one-piece coaxial-waveguide transducer with K connector (PS-2.92) (socket).


Low noise amplifiers:

— MM 2640. KFKF: low noise amplifier in the range of 26.5 ÷ 40.0 GHz.


UHF transducers:

— OP 1840. KMKM: K (m) – K (m) transducer in the range of 18.0 ÷ 40.0 GHz.


Measuring cables:

— KI 1840. KMKM: measuring cable (1.2 m), 18.0 ÷ 40.0 GHz range.

Accessory devices and options:

— AK-02M: fitting for mounting the antenna to the universal photo tripod;

— KZU-A: grounding device;

— LNA power supply unit;

— Hard case “Standard” or “Protection”*;

— Wrench;

— Flat-blade screwdriver;

— Adjustment device (bore sighting tube);

— Photo tripod *;

— ShAD-01 dielectric tripod*;

— Laser marker with mount fitting*.

*optional devices (not included in the package).

Set of operational documents:

— Test methods;

— Operation manual;

— Logbook;

— Album of charts;

— Materials consumption rates.

Note: the list “Kit Composition” contains the full range of measuring instruments, auxiliary devices and options for all modifications of the kit.



Minimum frequency

900 MHz

Maximum frequency

40 GHz



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