SKE1S basic radio receiver of L- band 950–2,150 MHz

The basic radio receiver SKE1S provides reception, frequency selection and amplification of signals in the input frequency range (L-range) and their transformation into signals in the output frequency range with a power level sufficient for digital processing and analysis;

The product is designed for use as part of satellite communication lines control systems;

Ideal for use in systems for analysing both narrowband and wideband signals of satellite communication lines;

Large dynamic range;

Constructive and technological solutions ensure high noise immunity of the product, which makes it possible to use the radio receiver in difficult electromagnetic environment;

Fully meets the requirements of GOST RV5801-001-2008;

Recommended for use in conjunction with SK2S low-noise receiving converters (LNB).

Minimum frequency

950 MHz

Maximum frequency

2150 MHz