SKE1B series four-channel broadband non-search radio receivers 2 GHz to 40 GHz

SKE1B radio receivers provide detection of pulsed and quasi-continuous signals in the operating frequency range, amplification and detection of signals with a power level sufficient for the analysis of pleasant signals and direction finding of their sources;

The products are intended for use as part of small-sized robotic systems, as well as radiation warning systems;

Presence of a power limiter to protect against powerful electromagnetic impulses on each channel of the radio receivers;

Remote control via RS-485 interface;

Frequency set O1

Low cost of the products.



Input working frequency range

Type of signals received

Dynamic range, min.

Gain, min.

Tangential sensitivity in the operating frequency range, min.

Uneven gain between channels, min.

Rise time (for 90% of the amplitude value) and falloff (up to 10% of the amplitude value of the output video pulse), max.

Input and output VSWR, max.

Attenuation introduced by the input discrete attenuator in each channel, min.

Attenuation adjustment discrete

Operating temperature range

Power supply voltage

Operating temperature range

Overall dimensions

Continuous UHW signal

Radio pulses with intra-pulse modulation

Minimum frequency

2 GHz

Maximum frequency

40 GHz