АS2.53 dipole reconfigurable antenna 3 MHz–300 MHz

Can be used in research laboratories and test sites;

Changing sections of the working range is carried out by changing the size of the dipoles according to the figure;

The antenna can be connected to all types of HF signal generators in the frequency range of 3–300 MHz.


Frequency range

Section A (dipole length 4 m) 3–30 MHz

Section B (dipole length 2 m) 30–100 MHz

Section C (dipole length 1 m) 100–300 MHz



Gain at section A, ≥ -40 dB

Gain at section B, ≥ -10 dB

Gain at section C, ≥ -5 dB



Dependence of the operating frequency range on the configuration of the antenna dipoles.



Minimum frequency

3 MHz

Maximum frequency

300 MHz